Thou Shalt Not Steal by Kev Carmody Ukulele Chords

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If you are looking for Thou Shalt Not Steal ukulele chords, you’ve come to the right place.
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Thou Shalt Not Steal chords has rhythm and included in Pillars of Society (1989) album.
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Thou Shalt Not Steal by Kev Carmody Ukulele Chords

T h o u S h a l t N o t S t e a l

In [G]1788 down [D]Sydney Cove the [A]first boat people [Bm]land.
Said [G]sorry boys our [D]gains your loss, we’re [A]gonna steal your [Bm]land
and if you [G]break our new [D]British laws, for [A]sure your gonna [Bm]hang
or work for [G]life like [D]convicts with [A]chains on your neck and [Bm]hands.

C H O R U S:

They taught us
[G]Wo oh Black [D]woman thou shalt not [A]steal.
[G]Oh oh Black [D]man thou shalt not [Bm]steal.
We’re gonna [G]civilize your black bar[D]baric lives and [A]teach you how to [Bm]kneel,
but your [G]history couldn’t hide the [D]genocide, the hy[A]pocrisy to us was [Bm]real.
Well your [G]Jesus said your sup[D]posed to give the op[A]pressed a beter [Bm]deal.
We say to [G]you yes [D]white man, thou shalt not [Bm]steal.
Oh [G]yeah, our [D]land you’d better [A]heal.

Your [G]science and tech[D]nology, hey you can [A]make a nuclear [Bm]bomb,
de[G]velopment has in[D]creased its size to 3 [A]million mega[Bm]tonnes.
But if you [G]think that’s [D]progress, I suggest your [A]reasoning is un[Bm]sound.
You should’ve [G]found out [D]long ago, you best [A]leave it in the [Bm]ground.

C H O R U S:

[G]Me and Neil and [D]Rednut sitting under[A]neath the Indooroopilly [Bm]bridge,
[G]watchin’ that blazin’ [D]sun go down behind the [A]tall tree’d mountain [Bm]ridge.
This [G]land’s our heritage and [D]spirit, here the [A]rightful culture’s [Bm]black
and we [G]sittin’ here just [D]wondering when we gonna [A]get our land [Bm]back.

C H O R U S:

You [G]talk of con[D]servation, keep the [A]forest pristine [Bm]green.
Yet in [G]200 years your ma[D]terialism has [A]stripped the forests [Bm]clean.
And a [G]racist’s a contra[D]diction that’s [A]understood by [Bm]none.
Most [G]in their left hand hold a [D]bible, their [A]right hand holds a [Bm]gun.

C H O R U S:

I think this is mostly correct with the A interposed with an A5 002200
Another Koori Klassik. Comments, corrections and/or rating appreciated. Enjoy!

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